A Basic Conversation

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A video of two known personalities at one table, conversing about their profession, without any interview questions, but just them two, Kangana Ranaut & Irrfan, is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. And why? Because it doesn’t feel like they’re scripted to be posted online on a YouTube channel; instead, it feels like you’re at a cafe- sipping coffee and you happen to see two friends chitchatting about things that one usually talks about, casually. It’s just another day when these two appear in a café and begin embarking one of those long and intense conversations I hope everyone has about the profession and its relation to how they’re completely immersed.

When I stumbled upon this video, I didn’t not want to watch it because clearly, Kangana & Irrfan are outstanding actors that are still growing in the industry, and by growing I do not mean fame, but personality. Sometimes, you have to have such conversations about how your work impacts those around you as it leads to an exchange in perspective, which is the best of the best. When two well-spoken people get together to converse, they build a common ground of trust and a sense of association with the other person. And such a feeling gets you more inclined in your profession and feels like more of an effort than a burden. So, when you’re trying to get through a hard day, you think about that conversation you once had had with a friend about either work or coping, and then you start to feel better about where you are and you remind yourself that it’s actually where you belong.

I request everyone to watch this video because it’s simple and simple is the best.

This is how I felt. And so will you if you watch this video.

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