This Week Mumbai began as a teeny-tiny blog some years ago. Just an idea of capturing the beautiful and colorful streets, cultures, festivals, people from different walks of life; and things that matter, along with things that should matter.

And, without a shadow of a doubt, one thing always leads to another. Therefore, we came up with the concept of sharing that kind of art and putting it to some good use, to make a difference, to make our love for this city more meaningful and open. As a community, we want to highlight the fact that right there, in your home, where you’re most true to yourself, there can be a start of something new. Something that will help you make this world a better place to live in.

We are the only place on the internet to find free stock images of Mumbai, India. All photographs uploaded are under the Creative Commons COO label and do not require any attribution. You can use these images however you want, for commercial or personal purposes, and wherever you want. Somewhere along the lines, you’ll find images that may not be taken in Mumbai, but 98% of our images are centered in this brimming city filled with elements waiting to be captured.


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