Animal cemetery option soon available to Mumbai citizens

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Animal lovers and activists have been arguing against the lack of proper animal burial grounds in the city since a long time. There are large numbers of stray animals and livestock in Mumbai, and since there is no official burial ground for animals, they are either dumped in rivers or dumping grounds in the city. Some pet lovers are strained to rest their deceased pets in the garbage because there aren’t any other services available for them to proceed with. This issue reflects on how the BMC has been partially inconsistent with the treatment of stray animals as there is a lack of ground space to bury them.

One of the officials had once complained that since there isn’t enough space for human cemeteries, how can they consider building an animal cemetery. There is only one, though extremely insufficient place where one can bury their pets, it is the SPCA Hospital in Parel, but that too has been a target of unending complaints by city’s citizens. Animal cemetery option soon available to Mumbai citizens- Featured Image

The issues arising with the flawed method of the ridding of animals in the city was imposed by both pet lovers and activists, regarding the health hazards that lead to a foul stench and causes rife diseases.

There has been a demand for better burial services by the citizens so that pet owners get to bury their pet without bearing the disturbing acts of wrapping their former pet in a blanket and letting them rest along with the garbage waste, that clears out in every 2-3 days. It is the right of a pet owner to bury their pet in a proper, dignified and trusting manner.

Since this issue has been made at par by many activists all across, ever more after a dolphin, that recently washed ashore at Nariman Point, was dumped at the Deonar dumping ground. There will be steps taken by the government to ensure that at least two animal cemeteries exist for both pets, stray animals and livestock, in the city, to maintain a healthy environment. The location of the cemeteries are still unknown but it is hoped that they will be located appropriately.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

– Mahatma Gandhi

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