Billions In Change

“There are seven billion of us in the world today and we’re facing some huge problems. A talk doesn’t help someone out of poverty, awareness doesn’t reduce pollution or grow food or heal the sick. It takes doing.”

Billions in Change, a short 40 minutes film about a man, Manoj Bhargava, and his company, Five Hour Energy, that’s building change from 99% of its yearly sales. The whole point about the film is not what defines change, but it’s what defines a revolution. It takes more than charity, for this man, to make a difference in this world. Manoj Bhargava considers wealth to be more than just a way of receiving, but also giving back as a duty to others. There are many factors in the film that constitute to the simplicity that is technology. The way Manoj Bhargava has described what he is doing, along with this trusted engineers, and workers, is radically straightforward and self-explanatory. The entire film is self-explanatory. There is no complicated technique that is portrayed as intelligence that we won’t get. It’s surprising how simple the difference is and how less acknowledged the entire idea is today. What this film has confessed to me is that there has nothing been so facile and paramount before.

Billions In Change -02
Manoj Bhargava- Founder and CEO

“The more wealth you get, the bigger your duty becomes.”

From a company that makes energy drinks, to an innovative company who has an articulation to build something that can achieve and initiate wonders in this world, is mind-blowing.
The film highlights three most fundamental components: Energy that’s free and doesn’t cause pollution, Water that is sourced unlimited, and Health that is cultivated and not difficult to persist. One of my best parts about the film is the way Manoj Bhargava has made everything seem so simple, and yet undiscovered.
Manoj Bhargava wants to remove the poor out of the poverty, hunt for energy that is clean, unpolluted, and healthy for the environment. He’s on it for searching the cheapest and most practical source of component there is to make a difference.

“The idea is not to treat illness, it is to treat wellness.”

If you’re capable of elevation while witnessing something brilliant, this film is just what you need to endeavor. There is brilliance in its cinematography, the way the film is conveyed and its message.

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