BMC faces garbage dumping grounds issue in Mumbai

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Recent news awakening has brought to light that the solid waste management system at the only 3 dumping grounds for Mumbai (Deonar, Mulund and Kanjurmarg) are under average for proper management and segregation of garbage. Imagine towers of unsegregated, unprocessed garbage which is way above Airport Authority of India’s permissible limit of 35m. With almost 10,000 tonnes of solid waste generated each day in Mumbai, the 3 dumping grounds are contracted for termination because of the poor performing management of the dumping site that are responsible to manage the solid waste coming from Mumbai city, until now.

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Recent news tells us that out of the 3 dumping sites for Mumbai, Kanjurmarg dumping site is not operational due to some litigation issues faced by the Birhanmumbai Municipal Cooperation (BMC).The dumping site in Mulund would be closed down while the dumping site in Deonar gets remodeled for better solid waste segregation and processing. HC has also stopped the construction of residential properties around the dumping sites until these issues are solved.
The issues of the dumping grounds faced by BMC need to be resolved quickly and efficiently before the cooperation runs out of places to dump the garbage coming from Mumbai.

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