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Bollywood is the world’s biggest industry of creative arts. And surprisingly, it thrives and flourishes without any kind of originality. We do have moments of excellence when Anurag Kashyap takes a risk or when A.R Rahman honestly crafts his magic, but on the whole, Bollywood is nothing but a couple of pretty faces with influential relatives.

The producers in Bollywood are allergic to change and prefer to regenerate the same monotonous scripts as their concern lies only in their small minded profits.

The writers are restricted and forced not to think out of the box and eventually feel that being creative is a waste of time. Especially when all their good ideas are rejected and replaced by formula scripts.

The directors, who are meant to be the kings of any film industry, are mere puppets in Bollywood. Scripts are written and movies are made with particular actors in mind. And this restricts the natural flow of thought and storytelling.

Bollywood is the only film Industry which endures with terrible actors. There is a surplus of awful actors who have made their careers in Bollywood.

Aristotle insisted that art should bring about catharsis by filling the hearts of people with empathy. But Bollywood prefers to make their own substandard products. They call it art and sell it to audiences who seldom know better. Sadly, our entire country functions in the same manner. The rich monopolise everything. They employ the poor who slave away for rubbish wages. The rich then sell their inadequate and unsatisfactory products to the middle class.

What country do we live in, where the people with the licence to think from a humane perspective, prefer the ways of corporate authoritarianism?

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