Butterfly Inspiration

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Artistic depictions of butterflies have been expressed since a long time, around 3000 years ago or even more. In ancient times, they were carved on many buildings, temples, jewelry, and other objects to promote spirituality and symbolism. Their larger, often brightly colored wings, with a fluttering flight are taken so enigmatically by artists that it has become a visual of experiencing relaxation and contempt. There are also many symbolical perceptions about butterflies alone in different cultures which makes this creature even more historically pure and beautiful.

This Rustic Hand Painted Bone China Mug has the illustration of a beautiful butterfly, whose wings have brazenly spread across each side of the mug, carefully positioning it’s abdomen on the handle of the mug. For us, this butterfly is a symbol of soul and mind combined into one body as it’s Greek meaning means “soul” and “mind”.


The wings of the butterflies are spread out like it’s still flying in the air.


The combination of the interior and exterior design makes this mug unforgettable and dramatic for your home décor choices.


This mug is our signature designer print, a leading edge rustic hand-painted print of a colorful butterfly of green, yellow and blue porcelain paints. The narrow shape of the mug matches perfectly with the print as butterflies are delicate yet so full of color.

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