Copper Chimney- The ultimate enormity

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An established relic ambience, to make you want to taste all that they have to offer from the roasted rumali roti with spiced vegetables to mouth-sweetening deserts. Copper Chimney is one experience of traditional cuisines with scrumptious and delicate flavors. There is greatness in quantity and hopefully you won’t be cribbing about the prices here because the food is totally worth the wait and bite. The Ambience felt a lot like those ancient traditional getaways you’d want to go for once in two weeks or so.

There will be a lot of crowd all week long so if you’re large in number I’d suggest you make reservations before-hand and if it’s an on-the-spot decision then you’d probably have to wait for 20 minutes. Sometimes they say it might take up to half an hour or 45 minutes but I can assure you that they will take you in, in 15 minutes!


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