FLICK FREAK: Aashiqui 2- Infatuation it is!

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Aashique 2 is a combination of modern-day love, attraction, charm and intensity. From the beginning to the very end, the story-line was fixed and the spot-light didn’t fluctuate away from the lead actors. Sometimes in romantic tales, there seems to be the usual engagement that either surprises the audience or disappoints them in some ways. This movie was somewhat the medley of both, at some points it did amaze me, while during some clips it just was ‘eh!’

Director Mohit Suri has not only combined realistic love with ambition, but also the struggle of addiction and fame at the same time. Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, according to me, are the perfect fit for the movie; the personality that they seem to share on-screen is very verdant. Both of them have acted well, I must exaggerate the characters as their chemistry was pretty ‘raw’ for our generation. Being an Aditya Roy Kapoor wooer, I have to say, there wasn’t a single moment I found him ‘not in his character’, the second RJ was on-screen, and it was breathtaking! The role of Shraddha Roy Kapoor as Aruhi was very desired, confident and entrusting, there were some negative sides to her acting during the film but it did not look bad. There was attraction but there wasn’t any longing that I noticed from her character. Although I must say, a character as simple as Aruhi, it surely was difficult to put up such an attitude for the story-line.

Coming to the star of the show! The music was ridiculously overwhelming, Irshad Kamil has written the lyrics for 5 songs except the song ‘Bhula Dena’ which was penned by Sanjay Masoomm, has done an exceptional deal for the movie. The beat and the lyrics of each song has matched with the story-line so well that now when I listen to the music after watching the movie, cracks me up a little inside.

On an ending note, the movie is a must watch for romantic buffs and especially for couples, with friends it isn’t the ‘ideal’ movie you should watch but I think it will be just okay! 

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