Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is medley of compassion, inexhaustible power, chimera and a faltering yesterday. Who exactly is Gatsby? Is he a business man? Or a man with imagination, limitless enough to create a world of champagne, money, and roaring parties, just for the obsession of investing his whole life for a girl he always loved truly?

The story was created just perfect enough to impress a very simple yet complicated character played by Leonardo DiCaprio as the famous millionaire Jay Gatsby. It went circling around Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), a Yale University graduate, who moved to New York as a bond salesman, living next to Jay Gatsby’s resident. While Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan), cousin of Nick Carraway was living the prosperous married life with her deceptive husband, Tom (Joel Edgerton), there was something still missing from her life, she seemed to be waiting for something that she knew would get her away from the world she once loved and got sick of. With the intention of coupling an impressionable golfer, Jordon Baker (Elizabeth Debicki) and Nick Carraway, Daisy found a new purpose to rejoin that was once lost in Chicago.

The movie can be very appealing, as it invites you in with all the parties, music, the characters made of money. It’s a very simple tale of how a man can get whatever it is that he wants with the perfect yet disastrous quality of infatuation. The characters in the movie had a definite boundary of zeal and friendship, the boundaries that defined that way the roaring twenties was constructed.  The movie had a very doubtful beginning, with the appearances just suspicious enough to keep you in your seat until they disclose they the real and sensible tale at the end.

The movie is a must watch. It is the perfect combination of suspense, love and drama. You will not get the characters until and unless you watch the movie from the very beginning till the end. So don’t be late for the movie or-else you will end up asking lots of ‘annoying’ questions to those who didn’t miss it. You can watch it with friends, family, loved one or even alone. You don’t need any company for this movie; it entertains you without even trying too hard.


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