The “Influence” In Marketing

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Persuading your customers to expose your brand on their social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is the most effective marketing practice for the ‘millennial’ age. This way your customers can introduce you to other rubric buyers, online … Continued

Growing Up in Mumbai: Part Two

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The issue that upsets me most about Mumbai is that people here aren’t as flexible as they seem. Well, flexible is the simplest word I could use, I can’t come up with any other term for such a sensitive matter. Flexibility … Continued

The Truth Behind Corruption

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Anna Hazare’s movement to end corruption was and is still a questionable affair. He is a man, seven decades old, trying to eliminate an inborn human characteristic. The human mind is automatically prone and programmed to embrace corruption. It is … Continued


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Bollywood is the world’s biggest industry of creative arts. And surprisingly, it thrives and flourishes without any kind of originality. We do have moments of excellence when Anurag Kashyap takes a risk or when A.R Rahman honestly crafts his magic, … Continued

12 Amazing Photograph Pictures

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The whole day is unpredictable. Nobody knows what may happen next. Street Photography is a device that creates moments that can never be recreated again. It’s in that span when you’re shooting a subject, and that’s it! No turning back … Continued

Unbelievable Wall Art Ideas

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A great wall art is a gateway to a perfect environment that full of great ideas. Don’t you want to look up to a wall that best defines what you’re doing, ever day? Other than a giant photo wall art, there … Continued

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