Growing Up in Mumbai: Part One

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It makes me a parent, a child, a sister, a lover and a friend. This is what growing up in Mumbai gets out of you, at times you care for this city, make certain amends which seems appropriate and helpful for you, while it handles making your experiences even more adventurous. It is also a protective sibling of yours who brings back to you all those limitless emotions you thought you never had; last but not the least, it is, of course, a city you can call your own and love it as it is.
A cliché beginning, but that’s what Mumbai has made me feel. I don’t belong here to make it any different and correct. I don’t belong here to judge all those habits this city has or even to assume any reason on why I should not be living here in the first place?

Mumbai or any city as a matter of fact has its own rules and conditions.

Nothing is ever permanent here, especially when it comes to life and living. I recently had read this somewhere that people will change, they were growing up and soon enough will grow older, but Mumbai will always stay as it is.
Mumbai is such a city, that it gets to you once you either step out of a train station or even an airport. I have experienced this or better yet, taken in this foul scent at the international and national airport. I am sure it isn’t of any attending or the fellow passengers, and then what is it? Dharavi? Or it’s just this city’s welcoming breath of air? No one can answer such a question because sometimes even the best-maintained area can have such a foul scent. The sewage people are sure as hell not taking up their responsibility well enough to prevent such an embarrassing situation all year long. It isn’t a big task, keeping in mind that the people in charge are capable and hired for the same reason of making Mumbai smell good. How tough is it to keep a record of the flowing files of complaints that local people have of the cleanliness of streets, etc. I have to notice that slums located at some inappropriate areas have cleared, but that isn’t all! I mean, how much can one do to make people understand that Mumbai is a big city. With so many people, vast locations, and added attractions, you have to be consistent and fair to every location.

Mumbaikar’s also need to consider taking up the responsibility to keep Mumbai clean rather than just complaining about it all the time. I’m not saying you volunteer for some organization and keep working on it every week; just throw the garbage into a garbage box! Don’t litter it somewhere at a corner or maybe a spot that you think no one visits and cares about much. That one piece of garbage soon leaves a mark for other pedestrians to throw garbage again and again until it becomes a habit.

With everything that’s been happening in this city, these are the only details that visitors take notice of. Nothing is any more embarrassing than a stinking garbage dump near a residential area or maybe even an airport. It’s happening for real, isn’t it? I took a walk near a society at Grant Road; ended up catching a cab right next to this garbage dump, less littering but such a strong smell that it made me wonder how can nearby residents live near a dump like this? Do they keep their windows shut all day, debarring them from taking in anything that is not the outcome of an unnecessary habit of locals? Or they have just gotten used to it?Or maybe they’re the ones littering that mess?

Pollution, lack of space, population, and improper use of the sea are the major problems of Mumbai.

The environment is going to give up if we don’t do something about it, accidents that shook us in these 10 years show what this city has got into, it isn’t something that nature will heal, it is something that we, as human beings have to fight until the reason that kept us dumb for so long, vanishes. But, Mumbai has chosen to not render what has been all these years, and ignore it all. If I time myself for each of the problems that we’re seen these days in Mumbai, I’d want to extend this article further, but all I can say is that Mumbai, like any other city, has a strong negative side and a flattering positive side.

All we have to do is to make sure we don’t let the negative beat the positive, then would be the succession of something that never is dreamt by the soul of this city.

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