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1.)    Think back to your childhood. Did you wish to this?

Life seems to never work out the way you want it to. There are bumps every now and then; learning from them makes a big deal. No, I didn’t wish to leave my home and come out here to work and live alone at the age of 17. I had it planned out completely different.

2.)    If you had to pick one thing that you don’t like about this city. What would it be?

I have lived here since 2012 and whatever I had read in the books and travel guides about this city, it is completely wrong. You don’t get to know this city until you live here. Every step of yours here seems to be taken count for. People won’t bother if you are just a teenager, living alone; they would instead bring you food now and then, take care of you, etc. My neighbours encourage me like any other parent. Yes, surely there are certain things that don’t need my approval here but hey! Everything has a good and bad side.

3.)    What is your typical day like?

It’s the usual ‘teenage’ dream that I get to live. I have a nice long walk in the mornings before I head off to college; I am into a very complicated stream so I have to study everyday without fail. I don’t work anywhere but earn my money by taking up workshops, helping out in functions and events around the city. I get what I deserve, and people appreciate my work. The best thing about events and workshop’s is that you get to learn so much and if you’re in the creative stream (which I am not) it’s amazing!

4.)    As a teenager, if you had to say one thing to those who feel that living alone in Mumbai is terrifying. What would you say?

Honestly, Mumbai is not a monster. It won’t eat you or kill you if you come here alone. Yes, in the beginning it is difficult, but that’s how everyone feels once they have left their home to live someplace new for the first time. Mumbai is an awesome city! You see, experience, and learn so much here without even noticing. Before coming here, I was only book smart. But now I am street smart as well, living here has made me stronger all round. The best advice that I have ever been given here is to socialize as much as you can. If you are alone in a city, you have the best advantage to meet new people and interact as much as you can.

5.)    On an ending note, is it manageable?

(Laughter) Well, from the smallest part to the most difficult part, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t because I learnt all of what a person has to learn once living alone, in one year by making loads of mistakes. Mistakes where many, but hopefully they were minor; they cost me my money and time. Time plays money I believe. Managing a life without money doesn’t make any difference. Managing life without time makes a BIG difference. If you don’t have time then how would you earn to make a living… I have always said this to everyone; time is precious enough to rule over money.


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