Is money our weakness?

What do you require the most- money or identity?

Doesn’t that go side-by-side? Without money you have no identity and without any identity you have no money! So what would you want to strive for? I am not saying that if you want money, you have no identity and if you want identity, you have no money. But if you had to wish for something after knowing that you’ll get it for sure, what would you ask for?

  I’m sure you know what you want and it’s quite obvious that most of you will ask for money because that’s what we really need to live, isn’t it? Without money a person can’t be “schooled”, he can’t have decent friends; he can’t set limits for himself once he becomes a teenager because he hasn’t been told of what is good and bad for him. So what exactly is the role of money in our lives? Can it be a source from nothing to something? Or it’s just how a person who was born in the same sense as a beggar out on the street, lives day in and day out with no limitations and a luxury budget beyond any margin.
I asked only one question to young students about what they require the most. And here are a few answers.

Tanushree Bhattacharya says, “If identity alone makes me happy then I shall only want that more than money and if money alone makes me happy then I shall want that too!”

Ronak Sharma says, “Can’t decide because without money a person wouldn’t bother to ask your identity and with identity, who can never earn money.”

Samira Shaikh says, “I would require money because who cares about identity because if you have money, people have no choice but to take notice of you. Today’s world works that way!”

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