Raanjhnaa- With all one’s heart

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Celebrating fidelity this monsoon, director AAnand L. Rai brings you Raanjhanaa, an upcoming Hindi romance film with actor Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor in the lead roles. Actor Abhay Deol will also be seen during the movie.

The best part of such a relentless love story is that the music composed has to be perfect and melodious. A.R Rehman again surprises with a very touching folk-classical background score and song, with a touch of Benaras as the movie has the feel of it. Before the current castings, Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha were assigned for the lead roles, but for an unknown reason they weren’t the final decision. The casting decisions were completed last year in April. Due to some problems, the movie production was delayed and so now they have decided to release the dates for the movie.

A typical boy falls in love with a simple girl, who thinks it’s the childhood phase that both of them share as ‘lovers’. After 8 years, the boy has become a man and the girl, to some extent has become a woman, but somewhere I think she still is a girl. The beginning of time, from ‘childhood to manhood’, he loved her unconditionally. Facing the usual situations of laughter, stubbornness and dependence, how he manages to make the girl fall in love with him all over again, is a little inviting.

The trailer, according to me, felt a little sweet and appealing to the eyes and ears. The background score was magnetic and it made me watch the trailer a couple of times. Sometimes a very charming story-line, made by many others, can really stand out if you have the right amount of tease and dominance.

Abhay Deol in Raanjhnaa

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