Satyagraha- The provocative one

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Any kind of uprising signified through media, films, advertisements or newspapers do mean something within the system of unwanted corruption and deceitful success.

An upcoming Bollywood political thriller film directed by Prakash Jha starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Amrito Rao and Manoj Bajpai in lead roles. Satyagraha, a movie clearly reflects the common man against the unjust system of the country. A firm believer of truth, almost like a new age Gandhi ( Amitabh Bachchan); An inventive entrepreneur, who uses the ways of the world to get what he wants (Ajay Devgan); A international TV reporter who gets whatever she wants within boundaries, with a very sturdy quality of stubbornness (Kareena Kapoor); Committed to become a politician, having principles that reflect goodness and harmony ( Arjun Rampal); and finally playing the character of a very sly politician willing to break the just system of democracy ( Manoj Bajpai).

The characters showcased in the trailer are the perfect exaggeration to the movie, Satyagraha. It seems to be completely dedicated to revolutions, political games, protests, strong opinions of the people and the belief in order. It seems like a cliché but I am sure that the idea and concept of the movie would be a hit amongst the believers of a shinning future.



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