Shame and Act

It’s sickening to even write about such horrific incidents that have been happening around Mumbai, even India! I cannot when fathom on the fact that women and to some extent even men have been victimized of limitations, conditions and most importantly mental and physical torture. What we feared of while out with family or friends after 8pm is now what we will always think of at any time of the day. Is it not clear enough for our country’s high-holders and “saviors” that Mumbai is no longer a safe, sheltered and maintained city anymore! Is it not evident that women in our country need to be well protected and respected by men who clearly don’t seem to have any courtesy and repute to torture innocent souls for their “satisfaction”? I am writing not only to encourage women to stand for themselves when nobody is but also for those monstrous dimwits out there who THINK that raping a woman would raise their masculinity and pride. I ask only one question to each authority, why now? this week mumbai (1)

Why didn’t this happen a few years back?? Doesn’t the government realize that families have been wounded, too many souls have been tortured and countless number of people has been mentally and physically tormented? And as usual their process of making amends and providing with strict punishments has just been slow and never-ending.  I strongly request my readers to sit back and think about the female gender in your family and ask yourself this question,’ What would I do if my daughter/mother/sister was the one to get raped by some filthy man/men?’ or,  ‘What if I was the victim?’

If this question doesn’t make you angry then please I request you to read the newspapers often and see how excruciatingly disturbing cases have been tormenting our country for quite a while.

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