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Butter up that bread when you get a break from your super busy life to bite your teeth down on the perfect, steamy and filling grilled sandwich this monsoon season. And if you’re lazy to do the grilling yourself, get out to hunt and grind on the best finds in Mumbai. I’m sure you know where to get the special digs from and even if you don’t, there are over a number of apps that you can use to find one.

What makes a good grilled sandwich? Let’s find out. 


Delicious Veg. Grill sandwich at Bachelors, Marine Drive! #sandwich #mumbaifood #bachelors #grilledfood #saturdaynight #snacktime

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If you’re standing in the middle of the footpath to have one of these, you know where the magic happens. 

That’s what goes inside a brimful sandwich. Without the green chutney, your sandwich would cease to exist. Always ask for more of that green chutney. It’s the best!

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You will find that the #bombaysandwich is always sliced in different ways, which makes it look even more tempting. 


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The best feeling is when that cheese sticks out of the bread and is the heavenly winner.

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This one is a chicken sandwich that looks more healthy than unhealthy. Unless it’s got some more of that butter on it for grilling!


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The flatness of the buttered breads can make a good meal when there are well-seasoned fillings between them.

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When you caption this with a #BombaySandwich, it looks even more appealing. 

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