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While there are over 33,500 posts on Instagram with the hashtag “panipuri” captioned on it, I have served to you those posts in Mumbai that I found too delicious to not resist. Such is our major motto to serve you some great posts of different kinds of food that Mumbai has to offer; and filtering out our selected 7 from so many should definitely set you running off to get some for yourself in this awesome chilly weather.
There were many sub-hashtags such as “#panipuris”, “#panipurilovers”, “#panipurishots”, etc. but we want simply-put and to-the-point hashtags for better relevancy and good captures.

There might be one thing missing in this plate of pani puri, also known as golgappa, but nevertheless, it is a brilliant capture by Tejash Sevjani that shows the simplicity within the pull of hard-hitting and spicy flavors.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a really decorative shot of pani puri-posting it on Instagram- and then diving into that delicious trap. You somehow get the best of both worlds, online and offline.  

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This was taken at a famous spot in Mumbai where you get “all-things-chaat” that you would love to sink your teeth into. From confused determination about what you’re going to order next to sharing a good moment with friends and family, pani puri is a dish served appetizing!

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There will never be a time when you’ll run out of pani puri. Never. I swear it.

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At the airport and craving for pani puri? Why worry. It is here as much as it is everywhere around you!

Sometimes getting creative is all you can get. Who’s up for some shots now?

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In case you’re wondering about the featured post: This is it.

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