The exclusive- Pizza by the bay

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A perfect getaway to soothe your senses and indulge into the Italian fest that you got going around your plate. The perfect starters, according to me is the cheesy yet light garlic bread served in a very classy way with some fresh vegetables. Pizza by the Bay, an expensive but affordable place to eat. You can visit anytime for some healthy breakfasts, quick brunch, filling lunch, friendly snack and a swanky dinner. The restaurant is not hard to find, just at the right spot facing Marine Lines, so you can take in fresh air and enjoy your fresh meal.

A very antique way to highlight the restaurant.
A very antique way to highlight the restaurant.

The ambiance is white and elegant showcasing musicians and re-known artists, playing a very important role in our lives. You feel jazz around this place, its a breath of fresh jazz air!
The service doesn’t take much time, the people around are very friendly and entertaining.

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