The Truth Behind Corruption

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Anna Hazare’s movement to end corruption was and is still a questionable affair. He is a man, seven decades old, trying to eliminate an inborn human characteristic. The human mind is automatically prone and programmed to embrace corruption. It is in our nature to lie, cheat and steal, for these are basic survival techniques of human beings. So watching crowds of people support a man, who is fasting in order to remove a human characteristic was a dubious affair. As the human race, we constantly need a role model, a hero, a person to do our dirty work. And this weakness forced mobs of people succumb to an old man’s promise that brought down one government and gave rise to another.

“The only way to end corruption is from our own homes.”

The only way to end corruption is from our own homes, by teaching our children to live honourably. Removing corruption is like getting rid of that foul odour from a filthy room. The secret is to first eliminate the filth, and then worry about the smell. Instead of turning a man into a God, we should stand united in crowds against domestic violence, child abuse, infanticide, superstition, rape, our faulty education system, unemployment, caste system, racism and the list goes on. These are evils that act like pillars supporting corruption, and only after these pillars fall, the war against corruption shall be won.

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