Under the feet of injustice

Whatever has happened to the country’s right to equality and freedom.

‘I think God made a woman to be strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men. I’ve always felt this way because my mother was a very strong woman, without a husband.’ – Little Richard

We, as citizens of India can’t walk out of the door after 8pm without thinking twice about the terrifying circumstances that may occur with us. Not even 8pm, sometime before that! Why can’t a woman be given the respect that the law expects from it? Why can’t a 16 year old girl explore this city without the fear of being watched? Why can’t children spend their day around people who only look at them with awe and not with a vile intention? Has it become so hard for you to live around us as equals and not as a gold-dig?

I am personally very offended and hurt to read articles about how and when women in this city and country have been raped, physically harassed, thrown with acid and many more crimes that we can’t even imagine of. It’s a fact, I used to use that phrase of ‘we can’t even imagine…’ to exaggerate the degree of the crime against women. But now that phrase has become reality because after some recent events of rape cases in Delhi and Mumbai, I find it hard to even imagine the actions taken against the female victims. Please if you’re reading this, help India, individually, to overcome this shameful position that we are at. We don’t need this; we don’t want to take all of this to another level when we can become better people and let women live in this country with all the respect, protection and pride.


Photography: Ayesha Dhurue
Photography: Ayesha Dhurue

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