What A Wonderful World

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A simple list of mugs that symbolize purpose in life and the ability to touch one’s heart without even existing near them: this life is special because it does just that. We often say to others, “Whatever you give to life, it gives you back.” and this means abundant to us because we’re giving our designs out to the world to be bought, used and cherished; not only because we want an open sale out of it, but also because we believe in pure fruitfulness and kindness to the most clearest sense and these designs were created with those intentions.

The illustrated lines of these mugs are small hints of beauty and existence of any kind of passion, art and actions as long as it is from truth of the mind and heart. You should know that in the tribal culture, most lines have been given some wonderful meanings that will broaden your perspective about art and it’s wonders. For example,

  1. (look at the first mug photograph) Diagonally positioned zig zag lines means accomplishing the impossible,
  2. (look at the second mug photograph) Crossed lines in the shape of ‘X’ means absoluteness and the end of life, arrows mean protection & vertically parallel lines or ‘water running’ means constant life.
  3. (look at the third mug photograph) Diamonds that border the bottom part of the mug means feminine quality & a straight line that forms a complete path means cleanliness and fellowship.
  4. (look at the fourth mug photograph) Triangles mean masculine a stallion of character. It brings strength and a honorable personality to the mug.
  5. (look at the fifth mug photograph) Random dashes, curves and lines on a textured mix of fiery orange and yellow signifies chaos and confusion within the mind because in life each one witnesses a difficult phase that brings chaos and bewilderment that consumes us all.

So, we have given our special collection it’s true meaning and purpose & we hope that after reading this you think of our designs as a ray of truth that each soul forgives and accepts everyday. 


Silver Diamond Print Bone China Hand-Painted Mug


Three Lined Aztec Hand-Painted Bone China Mug


Elementary Tribal Print Hand-Painted Bone China Mug


Triangular Graphic Hand-Painted Bone China Mug


Intense Orange Yellow And Black Shaded Hand-Painted Butterfly


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