Why we pick this: Pollution of Democracy

The dilemma in our country is not the fact that it is a democratic country, the pollution here doesn’t refer to what democracy is doing; instead it targets those extremely intrusive political men who have adopted their mindset of actually setting a cloud of fear and narrow-mindedness in matters relating to religion, gender and political preferences across city and state borders. But that’s not even the worse part! The worst is that people who call themselves “true followers of justice and logic” expose their actions by imposing political or religious power upon those who know how to mind their own business in a diverse democratic country.

That’s the pollution of our democracy; if India remains a diverse country with men or women unlikely to tend to their own religion and political creed, we might have to make some drastic amends or India will become not more than a restrained resource of inadequate democracy.

Pollution Of Democracy Printed Ceramic Mug

A catchpenny print to show off to the world about democracy in India. This piece of art was seen and captured at the famous Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai, and is considered as one of the most brandish and striking illustrations during the festival.


Pollution Of Democracy Printed Ceramic Mug



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