World Suicide Prevention Day

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Today, 10 September 2015- is World Suicide Prevention Day and I am most disheartened than ever. We let such days slip by so easily, because of our own hustling schedules; relying on social media (especially Twitter) to call to attention certain days, certain events, that otherwise would be difficult to remember every year. World Suicide Prevention Day is day to celebrate life, to remind those whose emotion gets the better of them that it’s okay to be sad, or angry, but, it’s not okay to let them act for you and control your mind instead of you controlling it.

Why do we support World Suicide Prevention Day?

With more than 800,000 people committing suicide every year, the need to spread awareness about suicide and it’s fatalities is now more than ever. With the internet brimming with self-help websites and blogs, and the importance of social media in a person’s life, we can help change the way everyone lives life every day.

We support this day to be grateful about living and staying healthy, even during the worst days.

Social Media can make a person and also break a person into halves. This way, the more positive a person’s life can be on social media, it can batter another to thinking that their life is not interesting enough. Social media can lead to guilt, jealousy, and many unsure emotions can ruin one completely. We need to change that. We need to make each person’s life more special and unique than any others. We need to realize that our life is not measured by another one’s achievements, happiness and “paradise”. We need to make our own paradise.

Below, are a few Twitter tweets by users that will make you feel good about yourself and realize that giving up on life is not the way out.

Let us know why you support World Suicide Prevention Day?

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