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April 26, 2018

Best French Press Coffee Maker

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You know as well as I do that looking for a best French press coffee maker online is not simple. You need to be sure of what you’re buying. Each product is backed by an unbiased review of the design, brewing process, and final taste. It covers all the important aspects of a French press coffee maker. So you can sift through all the features to find something that suits your tastes (quite literally).

If you’re looking for a quick-pick; something that is under budget and delivers really good coffee, try the Bodum Brazil Shatterproof 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker. Here is its review:   

Bodum Brazil Shatterproof 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

A coffee maker that is simple, efficient, and durable. The Bodum is my favorite pick because it has a rather refined way of filtering coffee to produce an aromatic flavor. You will find some stray grounds, but all-in-all it delivers splendidly on taste and texture. It features a tough exterior that is heat-resistant and BPA-free. The new and improved SAN plastic beaker makes the best cup of coffee.

You can buy this in a smaller size too if that’s what you want. But I think an 8-cup coffee maker would be perfect for your week ahead. It brews coffee in under 4 minutes and features a 3-part plunger made of stainless steel and mesh filter. Since it features a mesh filter, there’s no need to buy paper filters anymore. For preventing spills or leaks, the patented safety lid is secure and tough. Lastly, this best French press is dishwasher safe.

What about the taste? The brew offers a good balance of strong and mild beans. You will feel a lot of coffee’s strong notes without leaving a sour after-taste. If you ask me, I think it’s a good match for avid coffee drinkers.

If you’re looking for something even more upgraded and practical, Bodum’s Chambord 3-Cup French Press. It’s pricier but definitely better. 

InstaCuppa 6-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

The InstaCuppa is our local pick made of stainless steel and glass. It’s sturdy and tough as one would want it to be. It brews coffee in less than 5 minutes and has a solid 6-cup capacity. The mesh filter doesn’t produce any stray grounds in your coffee. The tough heat-resistant borosilicate glass makes sure nothing spills or leaks, even under heated temperatures. This best French press coffee maker would make an excellent gifting item for coffee lovers. And if you’re too selfish (as are most coffee lovers) – gift this highly useful item to yourself.

If you drink coffee, you need to have one of these in your kitchen. How else would you enjoy the pure taste of coffee every morning? Something about the InstaCuppa feels different. Maybe it’s the large 600ml capacity which is enough to fill 6 cups in a single brew pressing.

What about the taste? The brew produces a strong and pure taste of coffee. Because of the 4-level filtration of the mesh filter, the coffee comes out refreshing and pleasantly aromatic.

Primula 4-Cup Classic Coffee Press

A Chinese-made model is never a bad idea when you want something that is practical and effective. The Primula is good for Java-lovers. It features a well-fitted lid, angled spout, and a sophisticated design for easy use. The shape and weight of this best French press coffee maker are lightweight and convenient. You can place it anywhere on your kitchen counter. Features like the highly-durable borosilicate glass, stainless steel filter, and heat-resistant knob make the Primula look good.

Making the brew is very simple: add a single tablespoon of coffee grounds, pour hot water through the grounds, and stir with a spoon. Push the plunger back into the jar and allow the coffee to brew for at least 4 minutes. After it’s done, you can rinse the beaker and the carafe by hand or put it in a dishwasher.

What about the taste? The grounds give out a strong, bold, and aromatic flavor. That kind that black coffee drinkers will know and love.

Glenburn Vintage 6-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

This has a more classic design than my previous recommendations. The simple but vintage French press coffee maker makes coffee just-as-good as competitors with a higher price tag. But what other models lack is this coffee maker’s thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass. The beaker is shaped ergonomically to prevent leaking while the stainless steel mesh filters offer accurate filtration.

This vintage French press may look thin and ineffective, but it can handle high temperatures without breaking a sweat. The only part of this coffee maker that isn’t up to the mark is the mesh filter as it requires cleaning. The coffee grounds once pressed stick to the filter. Unless you do mind doing the conventional scrub-scrub-scrub in the kitchen to keep this device clean and as good as new, go for this pick.

What about the taste? Being a classic choice among a sea of modern options, I regard this best French press coffee maker as a simple but elegant choice. The taste is not too strong or bold, but well-balanced and mild. You would appreciate a cup of freshly brewed coffee from this French press when you want something light but refreshing, all at once.

InstaCuppa Travel French Press Coffee Maker 

The handy InstaCuppa is also available in a travel-friendly design. It has a stainless steel quality with a spill proof and sweat free design. It’s vacuum-sealed and double-walled for heavy-duty construction. Plus, the stainless steel material has excellent features that allow you to keep hot water hot and cold water cold for 6 and 12 hours respectively. The bottle comes with a mesh filter which keeps coffee brewing; at least 3 cups of coffee in a single brew. The upscale stainless steel and attractive design make this the best French press coffee maker for travelers.

A classic French press design is difficult to hold as it features no grip handle or padding. But this one does. Its simple design is convenient, taking into consideration the fact that it features a non-slip grip great for traveling.

What about the taste? The same strong and pure taste as the InstaCuppa 6-Cup French press coffee maker.

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