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April 25, 2018

Best Heavy-Duty Water Bottle for Serious Adventurers

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It would take a lot of convincing and backed-up research to persuade you into buying these superior heavy-duty water bottles. But I’m going to try anyway. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

If you have been reading the newspapers or watching the news, you definitely know about the plastic ban. So, choosing a water bottle is not as simple as picking off any plastic bottle off of the shelf. It has to be a deliberately tallied choice. The thing that’s in it for you is high quality and on-point deliverance. Water being the most primal need of humankind how you store it is kind of a big deal.

With winter just around the corner, some of you may be planning an audacious trip to the North, right? Which involves lots of outdoor time, camping, hiking, and seeking to find peace and tranquillity in nature. On that account, the need for a good, heavy-duty water bottle is a must. Below, I’ve found the best top-performing and internationally-acclaimed water bottles to suit your need and style. These water bottles may be a bit pricey (alright! maybe a bit too pricey) but they’re definitely worth it.

Hydro Flask Insulated Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

With a body that’s incredibly sturdy and unbreakable, the Hydro Flask can also be used as a self-defense weapon. It resists leakage, has a wide mouth, and best of all – water retain water temperature. Which means that it can keep hot water hot and cold water cold. Pretty convenient, right? I thought so too. You can choose from a variety of colors including black butte, silver, Lychee red, and Everest blue.

The walls have double vacuum insulation which cools water for 24 hours and warms it for up to 6 hours. The exterior is powder-coated and matte to prevent slipping or sweating. In spite of being tough and heavy-duty, this best water bottle is lightweight and fairly portable. The vacuum insulation is great for quenching your thirst when you’re hiking, camping or trail walking.

What’s the catch? I did not like that it is too big to fit into standard cup holders. The large double-insulated exterior fits only in backpacks and other such outdoor gear. 

Asobu The Mighty Flask Wide-Mouth Insulated Water Bottle


Asobu is the second most expensive pick on the list, after Hydro Flask. It does what it’s designed to do and that is to retain water temperature. With stainless steel construction and a matte finish, it is 100% BPA-free and tenacious. If you want something that keeps itself cleaner for longer, go for this pick. In fact, you should pick this over the Hydro Flask if you want to ditch cleaning the bottle once in 48 hours.

What’s great about the Asobu is compatible with other outdoor accessories. For example, if you want to replace the straw lid of the current model with a newer and more upgraded one, you can use it with this best water bottle. Other models, however, don’t always come with such compatible design features. You can store coffee, tea, ice cubes, or plain water and it keeps everything at optimum temperatures. No leaking, no over-heating, or no bulkiness allowed!

What’s the catch? I did not like how heavy this water bottle gets after you fill it up. The weight is a serious factor to consider when you decide to buy this. If you don’t mind the weight, which is usually the case with outdoors people, you should totally consider buying it. 

Nathan Quick Shot Plus Handheld Hydration Pack










I understand your need for a compact and durable water bottle. This type of water bottle is known for its lightweight design and round shape. Good for hiking, climbing, cycling, hiking, and trail walking. It comes with extra storage for your keys, wallet, or a smartphone. It’s also referred to as a hydration pack because it looks like one. The best part about this heavy-duty water bottle is that it has a reflective coating which ensures have enough visibility during the night.

What’s the catch? If you want to use just the bottle, then you’d have to keep removing the bottle from the pack. And doing that isn’t that simple. The bottle is firmly secured to the rest of the pack which makes it hard to pull out. Make sure the bottle is always secure to its cloth holder for better portability.

Lifefactory 16 oz Glass Bottle

The glass material does limit the when and where of using this best heavy-duty water bottle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. The silicone casing is medical-grade with a polypropylene cap and a BPA and BPS-free construction. This means it is as fit to perform outdoors as any other high-grade pick. A clear advantage to using the Lifefactory is that you can add all kinds of fruits to it. Add ice cubes, fruit slices, or even tea bags for your trip. A water bottle as ergonomic as this will not limit your thirst to water only. So, experiment with as many drinks as you like.

What’s the catch? It’s obvious what’s not to like about this heavy-duty water bottle. Let me spell it out for you: it’s a glass bottle! This increases its chances of breaking, cracking, and being too heavy to carry for long. However, given how it competes well against plastic bottles by offering clean tasting water with no leaks or chemical-like flavor, the Lifefactory is definitely worth giving a chance.

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