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April 20, 2018

Best Organic Green Tea Choices for the Summer

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This summer, organic tea is better for you.

The right time is now to treat yourself with soothing ingredients like Tulsi and Ginger, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate, and Sweet Lemon green tea. I have good reasons why everyone must drink organic tea to impact various body processes including digestion, immune system, and mental stress. So, what’s stopping you from seeping tea from a tea bag before you kick-start your day in a bustling metropolitan city?

Below, I’ve found the ideal 5 Organic Tea green tea choices to suit your every mood (and grievances, if you have been lamenting of one).

Organic India Tulsi Sweet Lemon 

Organic India Green Tea Sweet Lemon

This green tea contains Tulsi and sweetened Lemon with a hint of Cardamom, Ginger, natural flavoring. Organic India is a product of organic agriculture – as reputably certified by Non-GMO Project, India Organic, and USDA Organic. All its products, including this one, have Stevia while some also contain Caffeine as an energy booster. Caffeine, contrary to popular beliefs, in smaller or moderate amounts can elevate mood, ameliorate grogginess that comes with fatigue and/or depression, and improves cognitive and intellectual performance in humans. (British Medical Journal; Caffeine and Health; 1987)

Tulsi, which is holy basil in English, is used as the front-runner in Ayurvedic medicine. Infuse that with Lemon which is proven to boost the power of antioxidants in the body. Especially when combined with green tea. (Purdue University; Citrus Juice, Vitamin C Give Staying Power…; 2007)

For more conscious awareness, Organic India enlists why it’s better than most other brands how Tulsi and Sweet Lemon is a legacy of good health.

Organic India Tulsi Ginger

Organic India Green Tea Ginger

If your preference for green tea is a classic combination of green tea with ginger, why not try an organic one? A single infusion bag contains traces of Tulsi and Ginger. Nothing else and nothing in excess. Drink this long enough (2 cups a day for an entire week) and you will feel the toxins flush out of your body leaving behind a stronger immune system. Did you know Tulsi has a secret power? It’s to reduce stress and mood fluctuations that are most often triggered by everyday stress or more serious mental health problems such as depression. Don’t worry, there’s extensive research done to back this up! (The Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Tulsi in Humans: A Systematic Review of the Literature; 2017)

Now, wouldn’t you say that combined with ginger which by itself has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Tulsi green tea is the one?

Organic India Green Tea Lemon Ginger

Organic India Green Tea Lemon Ginger

The antioxidant properties of lemon infused with the stress-relieving and toxin-flushing goodness of ginger is plenty, right? Now, add Tulsi in the mix and what do you get? A delicious, refreshing, and unwinding drink to help you settle back and appreciate the day or night. Each pack contains 25 tea bags, and each tea bag contains a mix of Lemon, Ginger, and Tulsi. This organic tea is made specifically to soothe your senses. Instead of relying on drugs for flushing out the day’s exhaustion, this green tea is made for much more.

The bioactive molecules promote intellectual and emotional muscle while improving digestion. So, whatever you’ve eaten throughout the day, feel it all metabolizing after you’ve had a cup. Sounds good to you, right? That’s what I thought! 

Organic India Tulsi Mulethi

Organic India Green Tea Mulethi

Mulethi is Liquorice Root effective for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and for improving fertility in women. This medicinal plant has plenty of health-promoting effects for PMS, hormonal imbalance, cancer, eczema, and other clinically-proven health conditions. (Jaypee University of Information Technology; A Bibliometric Assessment of Liquorice Research Trends; 2015

This organic tea is good for treating cold, sinus problems, and cough. Primarily, these are its most essential duties that you can undoubtedly rely on for a fast recovery. To help you deal with such illnesses, drink 2-3 cups of hot water; each cup infused a single Tulsi Green Tea tea bag. The powerful compounds in both Tulsi and Mulethi will relax your facial muscles to let you breathe normally again. What’s more? The natural Peppermint flavoring adds to its aromatic appeal.

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate

Organic India Green Tea Pomegranate

You read it right! Green tea with Pomegranate extracts is kind of the best thing ever! Pomegranate is good for bringing blood pressure levels back to normal and plays a holistic role in reducing high cholesterol levels. So, while the other picks are good for your immune system, digestion, and mental health; this pick is good for your heart.

Pomegranate has its roots in most countries of the world including India, Iran, Egypt, Spain, and Morocco. This means its extract has what every human body needs to not only survive but to live a healthy and positive life. (Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute; Potent health effects of Pomegranate; 2014)


Buyer’s Guide to Organic Tea Products 

For the love of sweet and refreshing drinks, consider buying any one (or all) of our best 5 organic tea choices. Organic tea supports healthy living in all facets including environmental, educational, and biological. It reduces cost-saving for farmers, better for your health, and doesn’t have a detrimental impact on the environment. What you’re drinking is not only helping you, it’s actually saving the environment. If that’s not a good reason to switch to organic tea then what is? This buyer’s guide to organic tea products will help you choose the most earth-conscious and authentic products of your time! 

Can I Trust Organic India?

Organic India supports “healthy conscious living.” How do I know this? Click here to see the science behind Organic India’s organic agriculture business model. You understand the depth with which the makers of this brand endorse positive and earth-conscious ways of consuming products that have a direct impact on our bodies. What you will also understand is the true meaning of holistic and organic farming to support the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of people inhabiting the Earth.

Why Drink Organic?

It’s time for the serious stuff. Organic tea is better for you in so many ways. One good example would be to reduce stress-inducing chemicals in the body. Yes, organic tea has impressive neuroprotective properties that elevate mood, cure headaches, boost emotional stability. Sometimes, right after consumption! Amazing, isn’t it? Let’s look at some research studies on this consensus and throw light on solid facts rather than falsified assumptions:

While tea consumption has been an extremely ancient lifestyle habit, a latest study shed some light on green tea polyphenols that are present in organic tea. These compounds support and promote neuroprotective agents that are responsible for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Simply put: What this study tells us is that the polyphenols present in green tea can actually reduce your chances of developing these diseases. And by reducing oxidative stress in the brain, green tea can actually reduce inflammation triggering neurodegenerative diseases. (Rappaport Family Research Institute Israel; Neurological Mechanisms of green tea polyphenols; 2004)

Organic tea is an empowering substitute for people with hypertension. The catechins and amino acids and antioxidants present in it reduce blood pressure when under lifestyle-induced stress. Stress is a major pitfall with many causes including socioeconomic status, alcohol consumption, cigarettes, unhealthy eating, body mass index, and family history of hypertension. So, a habitual but moderate practice of drinking green tea one way to feel good every day. (JAMA Internal Medicine; The Protective Effect of Habitual Tea Consumption on Hypertension; 2004)

Simply put: The long-term effects of green tea have properties that elevate mood, fight depression, and reduce your chances of developing hypertension caused by a wide range of environmental and genetic factors.

Truth be told, there are hundreds of studies on the positive health effects of drinking organic tea. If you need more convincing, here’s what I found for your pleasure of fact-finding.

This literature review comprises of all the noteworthy health benefits of organic tea from diabetes to gastrointestinal diseases to obesity and cancer. Because green tea contains proteins, amino acids, phenolic compounds and minerals, it’s bound to play a major role in influencing different cellular systems in the body, right?

Over To You! 

It’s hard to pick a favourite out of the 5, but I have enjoyed all kinds of ginger tea. They’re so refreshing, delicious, and calming. So, if you quickly want to know what to buy, I recommend going for Organic India Tulsi Lemon Ginger. It’s Tulsi and Ginger with a tinge of Lemon which is essential to keep you distracted and nourish your body with good nutrients. 

(Featured Image: Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash)


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