April 3, 2018

The Calming Solution To Headaches

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How simple it would be to use essential oils to cure headaches rather than medicines. Contrary to what you might think, essential oils are very effective at reducing headache intensity. They’re good for stress release, relaxation, and can be used to treat feelings of restlessness or anxiety. Don’t believe me? This is what studies suggest.

Lavender is native to the Old World, specifically from the Mediterranean. This herb species is known and cultivated for its fragrant leaves and attractive flowers. Lavender, apart from being used for scents and bathing by the Romans, is used as a drink sweetener. You will find lavender flavor in a variety of food and drink recipes. This not only adds to its efficacy as an herbal remedy but also proves the “why” of using nature’s gifts such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus extracts for treating bodily conditions.

Lavender consists of linalool, camphor, linalyl acetate, and a few more chemical constituents that play a role in positively militating our nervous system. Hence, lavender is also a common ingredient used in aromatherapy, massages, and bathing. The neuroprotective properties of lavender make it essential for treating headaches and migraines. (1)

In fact, a placebo-controlled trial on 47 diagnosed migraine-headache patients proves the efficacy of lavender essential oil. By inhaling lavender oil for 15 minutes, patients associated with feelings of stress relief, muscle tension release, and reduction of migraine intensity. The placebo that was used against lavender essential oil was liquid paraffin. Out of 129 migraine headache attacks, 92 patients responded positively to lavender. While in the placebo group, out of 68 patients, only 32 patients responded, either partially or entirely, to liquid paraffin. (2)

The role of lavender and its essential oil extract leaves us with minimal pain sensitivity after inhalation. Lavender contains chemicals that penetrate into the skin quite effortlessly to have a positive and relatively effective influence on muscle tension. Have you ever given yourself a brief head massage, using your fingertips, during a headache? I’m more than definitely sure that you felt a bit of stress and muscle tension relief while massaging. Studies suggest that muscles have a lot to do with headaches, specifically tension-type headaches, and muscle relaxation with the help of a neuroprotective compound. This time the neuroprotective compound is natural, herbal, and an analgesic. (3,4)

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