April 2, 2018

It’s Time To Spend Time Outdoors To Feel Good

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Spending time outdoors is powerful. That’s an exercise you must indulge in to have positive psycho-physiological effects. Don’t believe me? We bring to you an experimental study in the environments of Catalonia and Collserola National Park, which is the magnificent 8,000 acres of birdwatching, cycling, historic sites, and beautiful guided walks. There’s an undeniable link between exposure to natural outdoor environments and health improvements. Especially for those who are in psycho-physiological distress.

It’s time to do something like building a beautiful connection with your surrounding and being one with nature. And that’s only possible if you spend even a short period of time outdoors. This study took into consideration 26 people with psychological distress who were exposed to the natural sights of Collserola National Park and then the more urbane environments of Catalonia. Each 26-people group was exposed to each environment for a brief period of 30 minutes up to 180 minutes for a whole year.

No restrictions were placed on each participant. They were free to do whatever they liked during this time when outdoors.

Significant markers such as mood, attention capacity, stress levels, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. were taken into consideration to determine the effects of spending time in the national park and the urban environment. While human marks were kept in check, the analysts also took into account the air pollution, noise, physical activity, social interaction, and self-perceived restoration experience of the habitat the participants were spending their time in. (1,2)

The results were as anyone would expect. Spending time in natural outdoor environments proved to be an effective and preventive therapeutic tool for reducing psycho-physiological distress in humans. However, this applies to everyone with or without recurring psychological distress. You can associate with feelings of stress release, energy, calm, and satisfaction after you’ve spent time outdoors.

Most of you have read this phrase – “you are more of what you do and less of what you think” – well, in this case, you’re more of how wisely and productively you choose to spend your given hours in the day. If you start stepping out for 30-minute walks every once in a few hours in the day, you can already on your way to changing the way you think about life and the vibrations you send out into the universe.

Want to become a healthier and less stressed out individual? Stop relying on man-made distractions and switch to what is available to you in abundance. And that’s the natural outdoor environment.

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